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        1. Introduction

 Hilly/ Difficult Areas
(In Rupees)
Construction of house including Sanitary Latrine and Smokeless Chulla

      Cost of providing infrastructure and common facilities


Rs. 17,500

      Rs. 2,500 

Rs. 19,500

      Rs. 2,500

  Rs.20,000 Rs. 22,000
    1. 60% of total available funds, that is, opening balance for the year and the amount received including the State share should be utilised at the time of applying for the second instalment.
    2. The opening balance in the district i.e. the aggregate of balance with DRDA should not exceed 25% of the district allocation during the previous year. In case the opening balance exceeds this limit, the Central share of the excess will be deducted at the time of release of second instalment.
    3. The State provision for the current year will have to be indicated by the DRDAs. The Central release will be restricted in proportion to the provision made to the DRDAs.
    4. The State Government should have released all its contribution (including those of previous year) due upto the date of the application for the second instalment. In the event of shortfall in State Share, corresponding amount of Central share (i.e. 4 times the State Share) will be deducted from the second instalment.
    5. Submission of Audit Report of the DRDA for the previous year.
    6. Submission of Utilization Certificate from the DRDA for the previous year in the prescribed proforma IV which is Annexed.
    7. Annual Plan should have been approved by the Government Body of the DRDA.
    8. Submission of Progress/Monitoring Reports.
    9. Submission of Non-embezzlement certificate.
    10. Certificate to the effect that there has been no diversion of resources from one district to another will have to be submitted.
    11. Any other condition imposed from time to time will also have to be complied with.