Raichur district in Karnataka... a land where every stone,every building has a story to narrate. Of glory.Of grandeur.Awe inspiring legends of philosophers and warriors.A land whose ruins, temples and forts beckon you, to softly whisper into your ears tales of a bygone era.

    Over the centuries, Raichur became a part of various empires. The Mauryas, Chalukyas, Bahmanis,  Vijayanagara and the Mughal Kings, all ruled over Raichur. Endowing it with a rich and varied cultural legacy.

    The district with the river Tungabadra gracing it has fertile land and boasts of good agricultural Production.

    Raichur, the resource rich and cosmopolitandistric, is located in the north-western part of Karnataka. Historically alluded to as the 'Do-aab' meaning 'two rivers,' this district is ensconced between the Krishna on the North and the Tungabhadra on the South. Fertile rivers which are responsible for abundant agricultural produce and excellent power situation.

    The predominant languages used here are Kannada, Urdu and Telugu. English is also well understood.

    Raichur is well linked by rail and road to important cities like Bangalore,  Mumbai, Chennai,Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and New Delhi. It has up-to-date telecommunication networks within the distrct, country and the world.Thus, on account of its resources, locational advantage, friendly people and their ability to absorb modern technology, Raichur is a district that has reached the take -off state in its Industrial Revolution.. and invites you to set up your base and share the success.